An innovative electric vehicle sharing service

green-moveGreen Move, a project co-financed by the Lombardia Region, involved eight research centers of Politecnico di Milano. The purpose has been the design and implementation of an electric vehicle-sharing system.

The system has been designed to be open, standardized, interoperable, modular and multi-business in order to support the spread of the service on the territory and among new vehicle fleets provided by owners and users. Within the project, a demand analysis, carried out by means of stated preferences, underlined the interest among the users for innovative vehicle sharing configurations and has estimated their potential users: condominium car sharing has been tested into two districts of Milano and the enabling technology for peer-to-peer has been implemented for permitting even private users to share their own car. Starting from the results of demand analysis and configuration design, a multi-criteria model for the assessment of different vehicle sharing options has been implemented, as a decision support system for dimensioning and evaluating the performance in the preliminary planning phase.

Models for the relocation of the vehicles (in case of the one-way car sharing) were developed with two different approaches, carried out (1) by the staff of the service operator and (2) by users themselves, incentivized by dynamic fare system. Project team studied an high level of technology and system standardization in order to make the system potentially interoperable for different vehicle sharing players and compatible with all the traditional and full electric car sharing services promoted in Lombardia Region.